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Taylor & Ashleigh

Taylor and Ashleigh have complimenting strengths in life and in business. Both women have sports driven backgrounds and want to see others succeed in their passions. 

With first-hand experience in using an agent to take the leap of faith to play in the United States, Taylor realized that there was a lack of transparency in the process. Now, Taylor and Ashleigh want to be able to fully lay everything out for their clients so that there are no hidden surprises. 


The pair work in synchrony to ensure that each athlete using their services gets the attention to detail that is necessary when dealing with their clients' futures. Additionally, the founders understand that their focus is on sports; however, they want each athlete to feel comfortable, safe, and prepared for their next steps. Therefore, along with any scholarship offered, the athlete will receive an information packet on the area and state of the college including, but not limited to, the status on abortion access and LGBTQ+ rights.

Meet the Team

Here you can find some more information about our co-founders.

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