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our goal

Here at Sports Scanner Agency, we strive to make the student athletes transition into collegiate sports as easy as possible. Being an international student athlete with the aspiration to continue education in the United States can seem like an overwhelming concept. That's where we step in. We have hands on experience in this type of transition. 

Our goal is to provide a path for you and your athlete that takes away all the uncertainty. We want to work in conjunction with the player and the parent to ensure that we find the right university, coach, location, and home. Giving us a competitive advantage, we are located in the United States which gives us the ability to efficiently communicate with university coaches in the US. We also have contacts in the UK and Spain and are actively growing that list. 

Although under NCAA regulations we are prohibited from guaranteeing scholarships as to dollar amount or institution, we can promise that our team will work diligently and thoroughly aiming to achieve the best outcome possible for your athlete. 

The Process

Once you have made your plan selection, your designated representative will be in touch to learn the ins and outs of your athletic and academic career thus far to build the athletes profile and create personalized Scanner Stats. Your rep will ask for any video footage in order to create a highlight reel to be included in your athlete profile. Depending on the package you select, your rep will research and provide advice on taking the college entrance exam (SAT). They will also assist in registering your athlete with the correct collegiate athletic association to ensure their eligibility. Once these steps are completed, your rep will begin reaching out to coaches at colleges your athlete has expressed an interest in, assist in scholarship negotiations, and accepting their scholarship offer.

If you have selected the Deluxe International plan, your designated rep will assist the athlete in completing the necessary forms to be admitted to the university. Once all of these steps have been completed, you will be provided with guidance and support in obtaining the correct Visa. Another step that differentiates us is our hands on experience and knowledge of obtaining the following: health insurance, housing, drivers license, car, utilities, cell phone, as well as preparing for general living in the United States as an international student.

Click below to meet the founders and see how their experience can help ease your stress.

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